Candidates can file Jan. 2

CEYLON — The new year will begin Monday. Don’t forget to write “2018” for the date.

Please don’t drink and drive on New Year’s Eve.

Have a safe and prosperous new year.


Township residents can file an Affidavit of Candidacy from Tuesday through Jan. 16, with the clerk of their township.

One supervisor and one clerk position are available in each township. The supervisor would serve for a three-year term while the clerk would serve for a two-year term.

Affidavits should be filed with the clerk of their township. The clerks are: Lake Belt Township — Jeff Hagen at 1043 65th St., Ceylon 56121; Tenhassen Township — Larry Simpson at 1674 40th St., Ceylon 56121; Silver Lake Township — Randy Musser at 1943 70th St., Fairmont 56031.


Condolences to the families of former Ceylon residents Gail (Roger) Schultze and Marvin Mathwig. They will be missed by friends and family.