Board receives ’16 audit report

FAIRMONT — Martin County commissioners on Tuesday heard from Auditor/Treasurer James Forshee and accountant Jessica Korte, who presented the board with the county’s 2016 audit report.

Capital assets for the county came in at $69.1 million, up from $60.2 million in 2012. Korte said capital assets are anything valued at more than $5,000 that has a useful life of at least a year. She noted that roads and bridges make up a large portion of the category.

In addition, revenue has gone up from $24.5 million in 2012 to $26.1 million in 2016. Expenditures also have risen, from $26.4 million in 2012 to $27.3 million in 2016. A large portion of revenues came from taxes, which increased from $11.2 million to $14.6 million over the same four-year period.

In other business, commissioners:

o Heard a report from Ashley Brenke, director of the Soil and Water Conservation District. She informed them of the receipt of a state Natural Resources Block Grant for fiscal year 2018 and 2019. The grant totals $75,425, and will provide funding for local water management, administration of the Wetland Conservation Act and Department of Natural Resources shoreland program, as well as septic systems funding and upgrades.

o Heard a report from Planning and Zoning official Pam Flitter, who notified them of an upcoming class on septic systems for homeowners. The free class is sponsored by Planning and Zoning, and is set to be held in February.

o Adopted a resolution establishing fund expenditures and revenues for 2018. Expenditures total $28.3 million, requiring a property tax levy of $15.8 million, a 5.69 percent increase.

o Adopted the Martin County Buffer Ordinance, Buffer Map and an amendment to Martin County Zoning Ordinance and Land Use Map.

o Approved a motion to increase the county’s beaver bounty from $20 per beaver to $50 per beaver. Only beavers trapped within a drainage system or within one-quarter mile of a drainage system outlet will be accepted for the bounty, and the county only uses licensed trappers registered with the county for the process.