Ceylon man faces drug charge

FAIRMONT — A Ceylon man is facing a felony charge in Martin County.

Tod James Tessum, 54, has been charged with drug possession in the fifth degree.

According to the complaint:

On Nov. 17, a Martin County deputy and a Human Services worker responded to a rural Ceylon residence to investigate a report that the homeowner was growing and selling marijuana, and that there might be a resident in need of assistance.

Upon arrival, they were met by a female who said the house belongs to Tessum, who smokes marijuana. She said she is not allowed in the basement, where Tessum waters and fertilizes his plants.

The deputy said that if Tessum was growing marijuana, he could not smell it. The woman then brought the deputy into a small room where a couch was and showed him a one-gallon size Ziplock bag that was about one-fourth full of a green leafy substance that she called marijuana. The deputy observed several other bags and miscellaneous paraphernalia inside the drawer on the end table where the leafy substance had been stored.

The deputy contacted the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force and informed agents of the situation. Agents drafted a search warrant and the deputy stayed at the residence with the woman until the warrant was signed.

At 1:25 p.m., the deputy received a call from a Task Force agent who advised that the warrant had been signed by a judge and that the deputy could begin to search the residence. The deputy was joined by another deputy, and they searched the basement. During the search, they found evidence of plants having been grown, but nothing currently being grown.

On the main level of the residence, in the room where the woman had shown the marijuana, one deputy located several items used for ingesting marijuana and another bag with a green leafy substance. The deputy also pulled on an American flag that hung on the wall and discovered a removable access door. The deputy removed the door and found three juvenile marijuana plants growing with a light shining on them.

A loaded .357 revolver was found in the bedroom of the residence. Numerous other firearms were found in the residence, including pistols, shotguns and rifles, along with various ammunition. The number of firearms located was 18.

While law enforcement officials were removing the firearms, Tessum arrived home. A deputy read Tessum the Miranda warning and Tessum acknowledged he understood and agreed to answer questions. The deputy advised Tessum they had found marijuana and marijuana plants growing in the house.

Tessum shook his head yes, acknowledging he knew what they had found.