Ceylon council OKs Christmas light contest

CEYLON — Ceylon City Council has decided to continue with the Christmas lights contest for residents this year, with a twist.

There will be three categories judged: traditional, most effort and most festive.

Winners of those categories will each get $30 off their utility bill. There will be six honorable mention awards of $10 off the utility bill.

A secret judge will view the lights Sunday.

Turning to other business, the council:

o Voted to purchase a 60-inch Maverick brand mower with a two-year warranty for $5,946.

o Heard a report from city employees, who said non-flushable materials are being flushed and then clog and burn out the septic equipment. All residents are asked to be careful not to flush paper towels, wipes and other items that say they are flushable but that do not disintegrate.

o Discussed a plan to decorate for Christmas in the future at the digital sign corner or at the park. The council asked that more information be given to them. Plans will be discussed before Christmas 2018.

o Heard a report that Frontier has been contacted several times and there has been no response and no action about wires in trees and wires not buried.

o Heard a report that the city-sponsored fitness room continues to be used. Two exercise bikes have been added.

o Heard a complaint about trucks parked by residences, which is a violation of city ordinances. The ordinance will be enforced.

o Heard a report that at the Fire Association meeting on Nov. 20, each township agreed to contribute $3,000 toward the repair of the Fire Hall driveway. A call for EMS was raised to $100 while calls to pig barn when no hoses are used was lowered to $500 from $1,000.

o Learned that the next council meeting will be Jan. 9. A time for public comments is held at the beginning of each meeting.