Man faces felony theft charge

FAIRMONT — A 19-year-old Alpha man is facing a felony charge in Martin County.

Spencer Lee Gilmore has been charged with theft, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $100,000 fine.

According to the report:

On Nov. 7, a Fairmont police officer was contacted by a woman who reported she was missing a shotgun from her residence in Fairmont. She had bought the gun for her son as a graduation gift. She said it was in her son’s name, but she was the one who paid for it.

On Nov. 8, the officer contacted the son, who said that when he moved out of his mother’s residence, he took his shotgun with him. He said he was staying at a friend’s house in Fairmont, but decided to find another place to live. He said another friend, Gilmore, picked him up from the residence where he was staying and gave him a ride to Jackson.

The son said he kept the gun in Gilmore’s vehicle because the person in Jackson did not want a gun at her residence. He said this took place sometime in February or March, and said he has asked Gilmore at least five to seven times to give him the gun back, but Gilmore has not returned it.

The officer contacted Gilmore, who said that last spring he helped the son move out of a friend’s house. He said he helped him load his clothes and gun into his vehicle, with the gun placed in the trunk of the car. Gilmore said he dropped off the gun and other items at another man’s house, but could not remember when he did this.

The officer contacted the other man and asked him about the gun Gilmore had dropped off at his house last spring. The man became confused and said he had no idea what the officer was talking about. He also said he hardly knows the son, and no shotgun or any other items were ever taken to his place.

The officer contacted Gilmore again and told him his story was not adding up. Gilmore said he was confused, and said he had dropped off the gun with the son in Jackson. The officer then contacted the woman in Jackson.

The woman said the son had stayed at her house one night during the spring, but she kicked him out because he stole money from her. She said that the night he was dropped off, he did not have a gun with him.