Truman approves 2018 budget, levy

FAIRMONT — Truman City Council on Monday approved a 2018 budget of just over $1 million. The property tax levy amounts to a 3 percent hike, increasing from $405,882 this year to $418,058 in 2018.

There were no questions or comments during the public input portion of the meeting, so council members approved the budget.

Moving to other business, the council met with Jason Nickerson of the Truman Fire Department Relief Association about an increase in pension benefits for firefighters. The current lump sum pension is based on $850 per year of service. The council approved an increase of $25 per year of service.

In other news, the council received a brief update on the deed to the clinic. Closing has been set for Dec. 20, which is sooner than originally expected.

Several months ago, as Truman Senior Living was about to switch ownership to Heartland Rural Services, there was concern about the clinic on the same land as the nursing home. Some time ago, the city realized the clinic was deeded over in error to Truman Senior Living. The city has been trying to get back the title.

After several months of discussion, the clinic is going to be deeded back to the city.