Audit shows school district in good shape

FAIRMONT — The Fairmont School Board received the 2016-2017 audit report from Jamie Fay of Eide Bailly on Tuesday.

Fay went over the report’s executive summary.

The district receives 79 percent of its general fund revenue form the state, 13 percent from local levies, 5 percent from other sources and 3 percent from federal sources.

Of general fund expenditures, 49 percent went toward regular instruction, 17 percent toward instructional and pupil support, and 13 percent went toward special education. Another 12 percent went toward sites and buildings while 6 percent went toward administration and support, and 3 percent went toward “other.”

“Seventy-nine percent of our total expenditure goes to teach kids and to serve kids, and that’s what you want,” Brown said. “You want the vast majority of your budget to go to serve kids. That’s why we’re here.”

Also in the report was the unassigned budget, which has grown a couple hundred thousand dollars from the previous year, and now stand at $3.4 million. Brown calls this the “rainy day fund.”

In the assigned budget, some of the more notable funds include those for classroom technology, curriculum, staff development and vocational. This money is set aside for the next three to four years to be used when updates are needed.

Another notable chart compared five different areas at Fairmont Area to school districts its size and the state average. For example, Fairmont spends $695 per student for administation and support, whereas districts of the same size spend $971. The state average is $1,016.

Fay reported the district is in good shape financially.

Turning to other business, the board approved PIE/Hunt grant proposals for the 2017-2018 school year. The district received 34 grant proposals this year, totaling $35,482. All of the proposals were fully funded, with the majority of the costs being covered by PIE and Hunt grant dollars. Technology-related proposals that were not covered by grant dollars qualified with FES or HS technology dollars.

In other news, the board:

o Accepted two grants from the Martin County Youth Foundation that will be given to CER. One is for $1,600 for the Learn, Create, Build Minecraft technology camp, and one is for $1,000 to provide STEAM Adventures for grades 2-6.

o Received information on open enrollments that showed 193 students from other districts are enrolled at Fairmont Area, whereas 213 students within the district enroll elsewhere.

o Canceled the school board meeting that was to be held Dec. 26. The only meeting in December will be Dec. 12.