Topic: Mental health of kids

FAIRMONT — There will be a workshop on early childhood mental health from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Oct. 30 at Fairmont Elementary School. This free event is open to everyone, including parents, teachers, daycare providers, and anyone else who believes they could benefit.

Participants will discover ways in which their early childhood role can nurture the emotional development of young children through modeling, practices and interactions in order to build relationships. Participants will learn what mental health means in young children and why setting a good foundation will set up children for success later in life.

The workshop is provided through Region Nine Interagency Early Intervention Committee, which is dedicated to helping children and their family reach developmental goals. The workshop is being led by Tammy Watcher, owner of Kidsville Family Childcare in Spicer.

Kate Hawkins, an infant specialist for Southern Plains Education Cooperative, said that while infant mental health is not new in Minnesota, it is a specialized service.

“It makes a big difference if you have a child who needs extra help,” Hawkins said of the unique program.

She said someone from the state came here five years ago to talk about early childhood mental health, but no workshops have been offered since.

If emotional milestones are not met, a child may not be able to achieve full potential in cognitive and physical development, which is why the goal of the workshop is for those attending to gain knowledge about children’s emotional development, and for care providers and professionals to gain information on how to promote emotional development in children.

The registration deadline for the workshop is Monday. Register at: