Park amenities still in place

FAIRMONT — People will have a few more days to enjoy the amenities in Fairmont’s parks.

Nick Lardy, the city’s streets and parks superintendent, told the Park Board on Tuesday that his crew has delayed winterizing the city’s parks for a week due to the warm weather. On Monday, they will start the process of storing the picnic tables, shutting down the bathrooms and removing some of the lesser-used docks.

Lardy said his department has been blowing out irrigation systems at the aquatic park and other parks, and is still mowing grass. Recently, the last of about 40 new trees was planted.

Turning to other business, board member Mary Don Kislingbury shared a recent FEMA report that stated a structure should be repaired if doing so would be more cost-effective than a new building. She brought up the board’s recent visit to the Lincoln Park shelter house and the repair-versus-replace discussion that followed. She and fellow board member Craig Nelson support renovating the building if it is economically feasible.

“At some point, we would like to have some dollar figures brought to a meeting,” Nelson told city staff. “I don’t think we can discuss it intelligently without that information.”

One of the issues of repairing the structure is making it accessible. Nelson suggested board members check out the wheelchair lift at the Deep Freeze restaurant. He noted there would be ample room for such a lift next to the stairs at the Lincoln shelter house.

In another matter, Kislingbury said she was asked to relay a suggestion that city parks be named after a physical feature rather than an individual. The city has no formal policy about naming parks. The Park Board accepts suggestions and makes a recommendation to the council, as was done in recent years in naming the Jeff Kot Soccer Complex and Steve Pierce Park.