Man charged with drug crime

FAIRMONT — A Fairmont man is facing felony charges in Martin County.

Dakota Joseph Haegeman, 23, has been charged with drug possession in the fifth degree, as well as causing a child/vulnerable adult to be exposed to meth. Both charges carry a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

According to the complaint:

At 10:40 p.m. Sept. 17, a Martin County Sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to a report of a suspicious vehicle seen driving through the entrance of Fairview Cemetery in Fairmont. Fairmont officers also responded.

Officers observed a vehicle parked toward the back of the cemetery that was occupied by two people, later identified as a female driver and Haegeman.

When the deputy arrived, he observed the entrance to the cemetery was blocked by a chain across the driveway. The deputy drove to the rear of the cemetery where a Fairmont police officer was speaking with the driver. The deputy approached Haegeman to speak with him.

The deputy asked Haegeman to step out of the vehicle, and when he did the officer observed a knife in his front pocket. The deputy patted down Haegeman for more weapons, but did not find any.

As they were speaking, the officer observed a small plastic baggie lying on the floor between the front passenger seat and the door opening. The deputy asked Haegeman what it was, and Haegeman replied he did not know and that it was not his car. The deputy then grabbed the baggie as it appeared to be similar to the size and style of the baggies used for storing illegal drugs.

Inside the baggie, the deputy saw a white crystal substance that appeared to be meth. He asked Haegeman if it was meth, and Haegeman stated it was not his and he did not know. The deputy tested the residue, and the result was positive for meth.

Haegeman was then placed under arrest and transported to the Martin County jail. Officers also located another plastic baggie under the back seat of the car, with a substance that later tested positive for meth.

At the jail, Haegeman was read his rights and agreed to answer questions. Haegeman indicated he and the female had been at an AA meeting earlier, and that after the meeting they were at a friend’s house. He stated they wanted some privacy and decided to go for a drive.

Haegeman said the female was driving and she decided to go out to the cemetery, and admitted to lifting the chain so she could drive under it. Haegeman stated that they were not there to use meth, and denied that either of the baggies located were his. Haegeman did admit to using meth at a bar on Friday, and that he would test positive for meth.

The deputy and an officer then met with the female in the booking room of the jail, where she was read her rights and agreed to speak with them. She admitted she had used meth that day during her work break, and also said Haegeman had a loaded meth pipe in his hand that he threw out the window when the officer had walked up to talk with them. She said she had attempted to use meth with Haegeman, but had not used any of his meth.

After speaking with the female, the officer went back to the cemetery and located a green glass pipe commonly used for smoking meth in an area near where the car had parked. The deputy later spoke with Haegeman again, and showed him the pipe. Haegeman claimed he could not remember if he had smoked any out of it, or if they were going to smoke it there. Haegeman did admit to having it in his hand and throwing it out the window when the officer arrived.

Haegeman has two convictions for controlled substance crimes in the fifth degree from July 2017.