MCW sets public hearing

SHERBURN – Martin County West School Board has set a public hearing for Dec. 18 on the district’s proposed budget and property tax levy.

In other business this week, the board heard a report on senior class trip plans, including cost of trip and chaperones. It was mentioned that if freshmen start an account and keep adding, they could save for four years for the expense of the class trip, instead of trying to pay for it only in their senior year.

In another matter, it was noted that the Empower after-school program will begin Sept. 25.

The Moby Max was used for teacher training and will be used to help students study for tests. Thirty-five students needed IEP help and special needs in Trimont.

Rob Larson from Sherburn will help Trimont with testing as needed.

Early Intervention was mentioned and Superintendent Schmidt said Minnesota has a policy that a student has to be failing to be eligible for special services, and it would be better if a student could be identified earlier so help could be arranged before they start failing.

In other news:

o It was reported that new teachers are working out well and after-school programs are beginning.

o Maverick Pride is working in the elementary school to help students understand and remember the important aspects of day-to-day responsible behavior skills. Expectations are the same in each school and each classroom. Maverick Pride consists of personal responsibility, respect, integrity, discipline and engagement.

o The CER director mentioned that their preschool has 75 students: 52 4-year olds and 23 3-year olds. They have two in special education and three in speech and one in therapy. This is early intervention, along with ECFE classes to help parents and school district identify the needs of students before they enter school.

o The next meeting will be 6:30 p.m. Oct. 16.

o Board members were reminded that MEA is Oct. 19-20, with no school those days.