Welcome gets positive audit report

WELCOME — Welcome City Council received good news this week in the auditor’s report.

Auditor Greg Burkhardt cited a positive change from last year. The reserve amounts are in great shape, although water tower expenses are coming up.

According to the report, the budget is being followed well, and the operating budget and rates are appropriate. The council was reminded to stay involved in the financial aspects of the city.

Burkhardt suggested a different system to help the clerk simplify aspects of city accounts. All in all, the city’s financial aspects are in good shape, he noted.

Turning to other business, the council appointed a new colleague from two applicants, to fill the vacancy created by Scott Scheff’s resignation. Amanda Monk was appointed to fill the vacancy for the remaining 1 1/2 years.

Engineer Travis Winter of Bolton & Menk reported that bids for the water tower and logo are due June 2.

Winter also suggested a rotation of street and utility repairs each year.

He reported that ideas for identifying the reason for water problems on the south end of town are being investigated

In another matter, Mary Williams discussed the city cemetery with the council, which agreed to help fix the larger circle of plants at the cemetery.

They also discussed people driving on the grass at the cemetery and agreed that common sense must prevail, so if it is muddy, drivers should refrain from driving on the grass.

In other action, the council approved buying wave petunias for the hanging baskets on the street. City workers will plant them.

City cleanup day was discussed, and it was mentioned that several people who are not residents of Welcome tried to dump items that day. A suggestion of residents getting a tag/sticker from City Hall and paying $10 was discussed. Residents would have to have a tag/sticker and show their driver’s license for proof of residency.

The cleanup day truck was filled early and discussion was held about getting two trucks, but the $500 expense is considered cost-prohibitive.

The city clerk will look into tags/stickers and what nearby cities do for their cleanup days.

The next council meeting will be 6 p.m. June 6.