James Dean R. Boots, 29, of Truman received a statutory stay of adjudication on a felony charge of fifth-degree controlled substance possession-not small amount of marijuana; fined $75, sentenced to jail 29 days, credit for time served 29 days, five years supervised probation, sentence to service 10 days for indeterminate, chemical dependency evaluation, follow recommendations of evaluation, no alcohol/controlled substance use, no alcohol/controlled substance possession, random testing at the request of agent or a licensed peace officer, participate in individual counseling until discharged by a licensed therapist, take medications in the prescribed dosage and frequency, maintain employment, cognitive skill training, follow all conditions set forth in the probation agreement, obtain permission from agent before leaving the state, follow all state and federal criminal laws, contact probation agent within 72 hours if you’ve been charged with a new crime; are in contact with law enforcement; if you change address, employment, or telephone number, cooperate with search of your person, residence, vehicle, workplace, property, etc. by your probation officer, sign all releases of information, give DNA sample when directed, don’t use/possess firearms, ammunition, or explosives, don’t register to vote until discharged from probation and civil rights are fully restored. Also convicted of theft-take/use/transfer movable property without consent; fined $75, sentenced to jail 90 days, stayed 66 days for one year, credit for time served 24 days, one year unsupervised probation, sentence to service five days for indeterminate, pay restitution if requested, no same or similar. One additional felony charge of third-degree controlled substance possession-in school/park/public housing zone, and two additional separate misdemeanor charges of fifth-degree controlled substance possession-not small amount of marijuana, were all dismissed.

Charles R. Carrot, 30, of Fairmont was convicted of failure of driver to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk with no traffic signals; fined $135. Additional charges of vehicle registration/permit/plates required, and failure of driver to carry proof of insurance when operating a vehicle, were both dismissed.

Jessica J. Ehlers, 28, of Elmore had a charge of theft-take/use/transfer movable property without consent continued for dismissal; fined $185, one year unsupervised monitoring without conviction, no same or similar.

Jordan A. Fausch, 23, of Fairmont had a charge of use of wireless communications device-compose, read or send electronic message in motion or traffic continued for dismissal; fined $40, six months unsupervised monitoring without conviction, no same or similar.

Matthew P. Fisch, 45, of Butterfield was convicted of issue dishonored check-offense; fined $281.44, restitution $96.44, sentenced to jail 30 days, stayed 30 days for one year, one year unsupervised probation, pay restitution before fees, fines and surcharges, provide receipt from HyVee showing restitution paid, no same or similar.