Speeding — Victor D. Ferman, 42, of Palatine, Ill.; Clayton R. Fliess, 35, of Racine, Wis.; Marie E. Leafblad, 31, of Brookfield, Wis.; Ashley K. Nasal, 21, of Mankato; Mary J. O’Hair, 56, of Boulder, Colo.; Aldo Peralta-Sanchez, 45, of Lakewood, Wash.; Joshua K. Anderson-Kaapa, 19, of Fairmont; Ashley B. Dean, 34, of Mankato; Conner Daniel J. Malo, 18, of Fairmont; Timothy L. Kurtz, 35, of Winfield, Ill.; Heraldo H. Perez Jr., 20, of Detroit, Mich.; Michael J. Strunk, 51, of Clinton, Iowa; Sheldon C. Warmka, 37, of Winnebago; each fined $125.

Steven I. Olson, 57, of Trimont; Magali Soumillon, 33, of Berkeley, Calif.; each fined $145.

Tina Lo, 22, of Brandon, S.D.; fined $285.

Failure to wear seat belt while in a motor vehicle — Amy Jo Subbert, 42, of Fairmont; Kevin B. Zimmer, 59, of Fairmont; each fined $110.

Traffic violation-following vehicle more closely than reasonable and prudent — Eugene R. Mosloski, 51, of Fairmont; fined $135.

Driving after suspension — Kimberly D. Rose, 46, of Fairmont; fined $285.

Jose G. Alonso, 27, of Hector was convicted of driving after suspension; fined $285. Also convicted of failure of driver to carry proof of insurance when operating a vehicle; fined $200.

Brittany M. Kefalas, 28, of North Mankato was convicted of operating an unregistered vehicle without plates on a public street or highway; fined $185. Also convicted of passing on right when prohibited; fined $50.

Erick D. Negron-Ortiz, 20, of Fairbanks, Alaska was convicted of traffic violation-vehicle registration/permit/ plates required; fined $115. Also convicted of speeding; fined $50.

Michael R. Albert, 35, of North Mankato was convicted of no Minnesota drivers license (after 60 days residency or 30 days CDL); fined $185. Also convicted of weaving over lane lines; fined $50.